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Still Life - Tabiate Bi Jan - طبیعت بی جان

Still Life - Tabiate Bi Jan - طبیعت بی جان

Still Life - Tabiate Bi Jan - طبیعت بی جان
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In this artful and heartfelt drama, an elderly railway signalman and his wife lead a solitary existence living by a railway line that passes through a village in Iran. Every day the signalman works the track while his wife weaves carpets at home. They live a picturesque existence, with hopes for a peaceful retirement on the horizon. But when the signalman passes his job onto a younger man, the couple realises their still and tranquil life came at a price, one they can now no longer afford to pay.

An old crossing guard and his wife are living in a remote area. Their life is steady and still until the day when he is due to be retired comes. At this point, everything comes to an end for the crossing guard. He is substituted by a young person; thereby, the old crossing guard should vacate his habitat and move to a place that he has no idea where it is.

راهبان پیری سال های زندگی خود را در محل دور افتاده ای می گذراند و با همسرش زندگی یکنواخت و آرامی دارد تا اینکه یک روز حکم بازنشسته شدنش را به او می دهند. با این حکم همه چیز برای راهبان به پایان می رسد . و جای او را راهبان جوانی می گیرد . حالا راهبان پیر باید محل سکونتش را تخلیه کرده و به جائی برود که نمی داند کجاست .


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