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Shirak - Shirak - شیرک


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Shirak - Shirak - شیرک

Shirak - Shirak - شیرک

Shirak lives with his father in a village that is troubled by wild boars who attack their fields. One day his father is killed in one such attack and Shirak becomes the head of the household. He buys a watchdog and this prompts the villagers to make fun of him. Shirak becomes an apprentice to Haj Khalou, the wise old man of the village. One night in another attack, Shirak and his dog fight back against the boars, killing them all, but this leads to dire consequences...

As a result of a large influx of hogs into a southern village in Iran, the father of Shirak, a 14-year-old boy, dies. Shirak decides to become a field guard and fight the hogs. With the help of his friend, Karim, they train a dog. Shirak visits Haj Khalou, an old and wise field guard to learn a thing or two about field guarding. His mother opposes his decision at first and thinks it would be a risk, but later she accepts and Shirak starts working, and since he can’t wait to fight the hogs, he ignores Haj Khalou’s lessons, so he gets dismissed from his house and ...

در یکی از روستاهای جنوب ایران که مورد هجوم گرازها قرار گرفته، شیرک پسر چهارده ساله ای که پدرش را در حمله گرازها از دست داده، میخواهد به کار دشتبانی بپردازد و به جنگ گرازها برود... با تلاش فراوان و با کمک دوستش کریم سگی تربیت می کند و میکوشد نزد حاج خالو دشتبان پیر و باتجربه با رموز دشتبانی آشنا شود. مادرش که سخت با این اقدام او مخالف است و آنرا خطرناک میداند رفته رفته رضایت میدهد و شیرک مشغول کار می شود ولی از آنجا که مایلست هرچه زودتر با گرازها رو در رو شود، تعالیم حاج خالو رانادیده میگیرد تا اینکه حاج خالو او را از کلبه خود بیرون میکند و..