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Robot - Robit - روبیت

Robot - Robit - روبیت

Robot - Robit - روبیت
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In the pursuit of international fame and fortune, two hardware engineers succeed in developing a technologically advanced robot with high levels of artificial intelligence. Overjoyed with their achievement, they initially resist the suggestion of their broker to put the machine to other uses, but as the prospects become increasingly enticing, the scientists find their resolve start to crack. A thought-provoking drama about the limits of technology and the reach of man exceeding his grasp.

دو مهندس کامپیوتر برای یک آزمایش دستگاهی میسازند که دارای هوش بالایی است. یک دلال به آنها پیشنهادی میدهد که از آن دستگاه جای دیگری استفاده شود که آنها در ابتدا پیشنهاد را رد میکنند ولی…


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