Protest - Eteraz - اعتراض

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Protest - Eteraz - اعتراض

Protest - Eteraz - اعتراض
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When Amur learns that the woman who is to marry his younger brother Reza has been having an affair with another man, he does what he believes is the only thing that can restore his family's honour: he murders her. Stoically accepting a twelve-year prison sentence for the crime, Amur is released to discover that the country he once knew is now a very different place, in which matters of honour killing are considered barbaric. In need of money to support his brother in his future marriage prospects, Amur starts working as a debt collector for fellow ex-con Mohsen as he tries to adjust to the new Iran and makes amends for his past mistakes. Directed by Massoud Kimiayi, one of the few filmmakers from the country's pre-revolutionary period to remain active in the film industry, 'Protest' is a fascinating story about a man out of time struggling to acquaint himself with the climactic changes of the Iranian revolution.

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