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Paradise Stop - Istgahe Behesht - ایستگاه بهشت


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Paradise Stop - Istgahe Behesht - ایستگاه بهشت

Paradise Stop - Istgahe Behesht - ایستگاه بهشت

Soroush is a blind skilled instrumentalist. He is in love with his nurse to the point that he wants to regain his sight within an operation, just to be able to see his beloved. Soroush starts his treatments with the help of his nurse and is about to entrust his eyes to the surgeon, but on the night before the surgery, he finds out that his nurse is set to get married with his surgeon... Soroush, being hit with hopelessness once again, leaves the hospital at night. Finally, when the truth is revealed, their definition of love changes and an exciting emotional experience starts...

سروش نوازنده نابینایی است که دلباخته پرستارش می شود و همه تلاشش را می کند تا بینایی اش را به دست آورد و این تازه آغاز یک ماجرای عاشقانه است. در شبی که قرار است فردای آن عمل شود شبانه بیمارستان را ترک می کند و ...


iran proud