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O Negative - O Manfi - اُ منفی


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O Negative - O Manfi - اُ منفی

O Negative - O Manfi - اُ منفی

The First Episode: One of the southern cities of Iran gets bombarded by the enemy jets. A wounded woman in one of the hospitals of this city needs type O negative blood in order to survive, and after searching around, her son finally finds a Basij member who can be the donor for his mother. The Second Episode: A disabled war veteran is taken to his hometown and as the doctor has prescribed, they have to feed him fish in order for him to get better. The veteran’s younger brother goes to the river to catch some fish for him, but the other kids bully him. Later when they find out that his veteran brother needs to eat fish in order to get well, they give all their fishes to him.

در اپیزود اول فیلم او منفی، یکی از شهرهای جنوب ایران بمباران می شود و زنی مجروح برای زنده ماندن احتیاج به گروه خون او منفی دارد. در اپیزود دوم، جانبازی برای بهبودی به نوع خاصی از ماهی احتیاج دارد و برادر کوچک این جانباز به دنبال صید ماهی می رود.


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