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Nahid - Nahid - ناهید
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Nahid - Nahid - ناهید

Nahid - Nahid - ناهید

Nahid, played by Sareh Bayat, has fought her way through a difficult divorce from her gambling-addicted husband. She has escaped with custody of her son, Amir Reza, and her freedom on one condition: that she never remarries. Financially struggling to support herself and the troublesome Amir Reza on her typist's wage, her prayers are answered in the form of Masood, a widower and successful business owner. Will she marry Masood at the risk of losing custody of her son or is there a way to navigate her husband's divorce terms? Reminiscent of Farhadi's 'A Separation', director Ida Panahandeh takes a look at Iran's strict divorce laws, but with the additional complication of the controversial 'temporary marriage'.

فیلم ناهید با بازی نوید محمدزاده و ساره بیات داستان ناهید، زن جوانی است که از شوهرش احمد به خاطر اعتیادش طلاق گرفته و خرج زندگی خود و پسر کوچکش را از طریق تایپ پایان نامه های دانشجویی درمی آورد. طبق توافق با همسر سابقش، او تنها در صورتی می تواند بچه را نزد خودش نگه دارد که ازدواج نکند اما ....