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Mina's Secret - Raaze Mina - راز مینا

Mina's Secret - Raaze Mina - راز مینا

Mina's Secret - Raaze Mina - راز مینا
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Talented actress Mina gets more than she bargained for when she makes a promise to her friend, Asieh. Asieh and her family are being pursued by the Intelligence Agency in connection with a mysterious briefcase, and need a safe place to hide out. However, when Mina is late to their rendezvous, disaster strikes. Now Mina is saddled with Sahar, Asieh’s young daughter, and a case stuffed with dangerous information. Explosive action and chase sequences abound in this exciting, emotional thriller.

In the time of the ruling of the oppressive regime of Shah's, all the documents of a political group reach to Mina during an intergroup conflict among them. Mina is a renowned actress. This occurrence endangers her safety. Multiple accidents turn her into an experienced person.

در زمان رژیم ستمشاهی، طی درگیری درون گروهی یک گروه سیاسی، کلیه اسناد و مدارک به دست " مینا" میافتد. او مینا، یک بازیگر معروف سینما است و این اتفاق باعث میشود که امنیت و مینام دچار مخاطره شود. حوادث متعدد از او که یک آدمی ساده است، انسانی پخته میسازد...


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