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Mahoora - Mahoura - ماهورا

Mahoora - Mahoura - ماهورا

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Mahoora - Mahoura - ماهورا

Based on a true story in a border village in Khuzestan they choose the prettiest girl as the bride of the Hoor. Anyone who tries to approach her disappears, but Amin who is a smuggler and is famous as the weasel steals her.

در زندگی تو زنی ست با چشمان شکوهمند که لبانش خوشه های انگور و لبخندش موسیقی و گل، اما هرکس بخواهد به او نزدیک شود، ناپدید می شود

In a borderline village, the most beautiful girl is chosen as the bride of Hoor and spends one day a week in water, so that Hoor is impregnated and does not become angry. Amin, also known as Samoor, is an Iranian smuggler who kidnaps the bride of Hoor, called Mahour.

در روستايي مرزي زيباترين دختر به عنوان عروس هور انتخاب مي شود تا يك روز در هفته خود را به آب بسپارد و هور بارور شده و قهرش نگيرد، امين معروف به سمور؛ قاچاقچي ايراني عروس هور به نام ماهور را مي دزد.