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Lifeline - Galogah - گلوگاه

Lifeline - Galogah - گلوگاه

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

Lifeline - Galogah - گلوگاه

Constructing electricity pylons across northern Iran, Salam and Emran are happy. As they and their team scramble across flimsy scaffolds and camp out at night discussing love and life, they find comradery in their dangerous work. But as the job goes on, new troubles and dangers keep emerging, and a personal conflict begins to cause tensions between the two friends. Will Salam and Emran let their differences affect their work, and make an already dangerous job become fatal?

داستان مردمی است که هیچ گاه آنها را ندیده ایم و همیشه در جاده ها از کنارشان به سادگی عبور کرده ایم و این عبوری است از شمال تا جنوب و از شرق تا غرب

A story about the people that we never saw and always easily pass them on the roads; a passage from north to south and from east to west…