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Kobra's Decision - Tasmime kobra - تصمیم کبری

Kobra's Decision - Tasmime kobra - تصمیم کبری

Kobra's Decision - Tasmime kobra - تصمیم کبری
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Sirus Hasan Poor's beautifully shot family drama tells the story of a young girl, Kobra, who is forced to leave her mother and her favourite horse in order to help with her mother’s money problems. Reluctantly sent away so that she can be taught to weave by an old lady in a distant village, Kobra soon starts to enjoy the company of her lovely teacher. But when she’s accused of ruining the carpets she weaves, she’s sent back home to her mother. Waiting to return, she dreams of being reunited with her horse. But her attachment to her teacher has become strong … and Kobra is left with a difficult decision to make.

یک پیرزن مهربان به نام «بی بی» دختر بچه ای ایلیاتی به نام «کبری» را برای داشتن زندگی بهتر و آموختن خواندن و نوشتن از ایل و اسب محبوبش جدا کرده، با خود به روستا می برد. کبری که از این وضعیت ناراضی است، بنای ناسازگاری را می گذارد، تا اینکه ...


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