The Agony of People - Darde Melat - درد ملت


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The Agony of People - Darde Melat - درد ملت

The Agony of People - Darde Melat - درد ملت

Sulaymaniah, Iraqi Kurdistan, in the 1940s. When his wife Kaleh goes into labor, her husband Jwamer runs to get the midwife. By ill luck, he runs into the middle of a political demonstration and is seriously wounded and arrested by mistake as the ringleader. After a rigged trial, Jwamer is sentenced to ten years in prison. He serves his sentence and, as soon as he is set free, goes in search of his wife and child.

Javamer who was arrested by mistake, guilty of being the leader of an anti-government demonstration in Sulaimaniyah, after his freedom, goes to his cousin`s house in order to see his wife and his son who he had never seen before. But he finds out that his family moved to a village. In spite of the fact that he doesn’t have the permission to leave a specific area after his freedom, he takes the risk, but he finds out that his family was killed in the first year of his life in jail because of the bombardment. later, he joins the kurd fighters and fights among them bravely.

«جوامر» که ده سال پیش به جرم غیر واقعی رهبری تظاهراتی علیه حکومت در سلیمانیه دستگیر شده، پس از آزادی، برای دیدار همسر و پسرش که هرگز او را ندیده، راهی منزل پسرعمویش می شود. اما درمی یابد که خانواده اش به روستا رفته اند، او با وجودی که مطابق مقررات پس از آزادی اش نباید از حوزه ی مربوطه خارج شود، اما خطر را به جان می خرد، امّا نهایتاً درمی یابد که آنها در بمباران حکومت، در همان سال اول زندانی شدنش، کشته شده اند... کمی بعد او بین پیشمرگان کرد، از مبارزان جسور آنها بر علیه حکومت می شود...


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