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Inversion - Varoonegi - وارونگی

Inversion - Varoonegi - وارونگی

Inversion - Varoonegi - وارونگی
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Tehran's air pollution has reached the maximum level because of inversion. Niloofar, a 35-year-old girl who owns a sewing workshop,lives with her mother. She finds her old lover when doctors say her mother must leave Tehran forever because of her respiratory situation. Niloofar’s brother and the elders of the family decide that she must be the one to accompany the mother because she is the youngest child and still single without any children, and she has always obeyed their orders. This time, however, is different; she stands up to the decision the others have made for her.

داستان فیلم وارونگی به کارگردانی بهنام بهزادی و با بازی سحر دولتشاهی و علی مصفا داستان سهیل است که پس از چندسال، نیلوفر را پیدا کرده و به سراغش آمده است. رابطه آنها که در گذشته ناکام مانده بوده ، حالا در آستانه شکل گیری دوباره است....


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