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Injured At War - Majroohe Jangi - مجروح جنگی

Injured At War - Majroohe Jangi - مجروح جنگی

Injured At War - Majroohe Jangi - مجروح جنگی

Set in the midst of the Iran-Iraq war, the rural Kurdish village of Khorram Darreh captures Iraqi attention. The village's bunkers are ideal for the Iraqi army, who plan to use Khorram Darreh as a base to target the western regions of Iran. It is up to the intrepid Sayed Ghassem and his troops to come to the rescue of the villagers. However, their mission is far from straightforward, as anti-revolutionary factions do their best to hinder their progress. This tense thriller does not shy away from depicting the harsh reality of what it means to be at war.

یک گروه از نیروهای عراقی قصد دارند تا در یکی از روستاهای مرزی کردنشین که به اشغال شان درآمده، ضمن زدن زاغه های مهمات، سکوی موشکی خود را جهت حمله به شهرهای غربی ایران مستقر کنند...
سید قاسم خرم دره که همراه مقداری از بسیجی ها، برای شناسایی موقعیت و نجات روستاییان عازم منطقه شده اند، به جهت این که قبلاً توسط ضد انقلاب لو رفته اند، به محاصره دشمن درمی آیند...
ستاد فرماندهی در واکنشی سریع سبحان از دوستان سیدقاسم خرم دره را همراه با جمعی کوچک و برگزیده (مرتضی، جواد، جمال، حسین و رسول) را عازم منطقه میکند...
در روستا، طی نبردی سخت، به رغم شهادت تعدادی از رزمندگان از جمله سیدقاسم خرمدره، سرانجام روستاییان از محاصره دشمن رهایی مییابند...

A group of Iraqi forces has occupied one of the Kurdish border villages. They are planning to deploy their ammunition slums and their missile platform and to attack western cities of Iran. Seyyed Ghasem Khorram Darreh, is sent to the village along with some Basijis. They are responsible to identify the position and rescue the villagers. They had previously been exposed by the counter-revolution members. Thus the Iraqi forces besiege them. The headquarters immediately send a small group of selected forces consisting of Sobhan, Morteza, Javad, Jamal, Hossein and Rasool to the area. In the village, during a tough battle, the villagers are finally set free from the enemy's siege. A number of combatants Including Seyyed Ghasem Khorram Darreh are martyred in the battle.