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Here Without Me - Inja Bedone Man - اینجا بدون من

Here Without Me - Inja Bedone Man - اینجا بدون من

Subtitles: English, Arabic, Dutch, German, Turkish, Urdu and +20 more languages

Here Without Me - Inja Bedone Man - اینجا بدون من

This contemporary Iranian adaptation of Tennessee Williams' 'The Glass Menagerie' portrays the clash between the dreams and the harsh reality of life in contemporary Tehran. Ehsan struggles to make a living as a writer. Hemmed in on all sides by his dysfunctional family, including his his disabled sister Yalda and his frantic, overworked mother Farideh, Ehsan frequently seeks to escape his claustrophobic life by going to the cinema, where he can daydream his malaise into happiness. As each member of his family pursues their individual dreams, a tiny string of hope for a better future keeps them together. But for how long can this string last? Winner of Best Actress at the 2011 World Film Festival in Montreal (Fatemeh Motamed-Aria).

فیلم داستان خانواده‌ای ست متشکل از مادر (فاطمه معتمد آریا) و دو فرزندش، احسان (صابر ابر) و یلدا (نگار جواهریان) که در آرزوی دستیابی به رویاهای خود هستند و امیدوارانه تحولی را انتظار می‌کشند. یلدا معلول است و تمام دغدغه مادر تأمین آینده اوست. ورود رضا دوست احسان با بازی (پارسا پیروزفر) زندگی آنان را دستخوش تغییراتی می‌کند

Ehsan enters the bus in a distracted state and plans to travel. He claims that he can no longer differentiate between reality and dream. From here on, we somehow enter an imaginary narration and we go to his place of work that is the storeroom of a factory. Ehsan works with his mother in a food factory, while his paralyzed sister, Yalda, has a pitiful and painful life. In order to free Yalda from her isolation and find a husband for her, the mother sends her to ceramic flower making class, not knowing that Yalda is not attending the classes and spends most of her time on the streets. Yalda’s only attachment is a collection of glass animals that she takes care of and spends all her time with. On the other hand, Ehsan who has enthusiasm and talent for writing, is in love with cinema and is present in film screening sessions of film institutes and cinema theater. His mother who is against Ehsan’s artistic tendencies, throws away his “Film” magazines and the differences of opinion and taste which is rooted in the past gets revealed. She who seems like does not have any dream except her daughter’s marriage, finds out that…