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Hayat - Haiat - حیات

Hayat - Haiat - حیات

Hayat - Haiat - حیات

Hayat is a twelve-year-old girl who lives with her family in a poor village in Iran. She is preparing hard for an important exam that could decide her entire future. On the night before the exam, however, her father falls ill and has to be hospitalised. Left to babysit her infant sister, things look bleak for Hayat, the exam now a far-flung dream. Fortunately, she has never been one to give up easily. A touching story told through the eyes of a child.

حیات دانش آموز کلاس پنجم است. او باید در آزمون تیزهوشان بین روستاها شرکت کند.صبح روز امتحان پدرش دچار تنگی نفس می شود. حال پدر آنقدر بد است که مادر چاره ای ندارد جز این که در اولین فرصت او را به بیمارستانی در شهر برساند.حیات در غیاب مادرش باید از برادر هشت ساله و خواهر ۹ ماهه اش نگهداری کند، اما او اصرار دارد که حتماً در این امتحان، که در سرنوشت او یقیناً بی تأثیر نیست، شرکت کند.پس باید راه چاره ای پیدا کند، برادرش، مشکلی نیست .او را راهی مدرسه می کند، اما برای نگهداری خواهر شیرخواره اش نبات، باید همسایه یا آشنایی را پیدا کند. اولین کسی که به نظرش میرسد،خاله بیگم است امّا وقتی به سراغ او میرود، صدای سرفه های او از دور هم شنیده می شود. اگرچه خاله بیگم از این امر استقبال می کند، اما به نظر «حیات؛ بهتر است، کس دیگری رابیابد، اما بقیه هم عذر خود را دارند. پس حیات تصمیم خود را میگیرد، او احتما در امتحان شرکت می کند اما با نبات...

Hayat is a fifth grade student . He should participate in an entrance exam of exceptional talents among the villages.On the day of exam, his father gets an asthma attack. Due to the bad conditions of his father, his mother takes him to a hospital in the city. Hayat should take care of his 8-year old brother and also his 9-month old sister. He is also concerned about the exam which has a significant influence on his future. He should find a way, so he sends his brother to school but he must find someone to take care of his sister Nabat. The first person comes to his mind is his aunt Beigom. He goes to his aunt but she is ill suffering from severe coughs. Aunt Beigom accepts to do this but Hayat prefers to find another person. The others all have their own excuses. Hayat eventually decides to take part in the exam but he takes his sister with himself too.