Gold and Copper - Tala va Mes - طلا و مس


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Gold and Copper - Tala va Mes - طلا و مس

Gold and Copper - Tala va Mes - طلا و مس

A mullah in training struggles to take care of his ailing wife Zahra and their children in this moving melodrama. The film puts a human face on Iran's Muslim clergy with its unusual tale of a man forced to become a better husband and father. Seyed has just moved with his family to Tehran to study and he relies on his wife to look after everything else. Their lives change dramatically when Zahra is diagnosed with a progressive disease that results in paralysis.

Seyed Reza who has recently come to Tehran with his family, finds out about the illness of his wife Zahra and has to to change his way of living to provide for the costs of her treatment.

سيد‌رضا كه به تازگي با خانواده‌اش به تهران آمده متوجه بيماري خاص همسرش زهرا مي‌شود و به ناچار براي تهيه هزينه درمان او تغييراتي در شيوه زندگي‌اش مي‌دهد.