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The Tenants - Ejareh Neshinha - اجاره نشین ها

The Tenants - Ejareh Neshinha - اجاره نشین ها

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Portuguese and +20 more languages

The Tenants - Ejareh Neshinha - اجاره نشین ها

Set almost entirely in a residential building on the outskirts of Tehran, a number of tenants encounter a series of problems with their homes. The owner of the building Abbas, however, is careless, refusing to maintain the property. What begins as a few leaks and cracks here and there escalates into a matter of life and death as the tenants struggle to deal with setback after setback. Things are complicated further by a dispute regarding the building's heir, engineered in part by the conniving Quolam. A dramatic portrayal of domestic chaos.

در یک ساختمان چهار طبقه در حاشیه شهر که نمور و فرسوده است و نیاز به تعمیر دارد، چهار خانواده زندگی می کنند. مباشر و نماینده قانونی خانه ، "عباس آقا" که در طبقه اول سکنا دارد درصدد است خانه را از مستاجرین تخلیه نماید و به کمک آژانس معاملات ملکی (مهتاب) ساختمان را به تدریج به نام خود کند . مستاجرین که حکم تخلیه را دریافت کرده اند اما امکان تخلیه را ندارند به کمک آژانس معاملاتی دیگری درمی یابند که حکم به علت مجہول الوارث بودن خانه بی اعتبار است. میان مستاجرین و عباس آقا بر سر تخلیه و تعمیرات خانه دعوائی در میگیرد که طی آن کارگران ساختمانی چندبار برای تعمیر خانه دعوت ولی بعلت اختلافات کاری از پبش نمی برند. تا اینکه فرسودگی خانه سرانجام خود را بروز داده و باعثت . جاری شدن سیلی از طبقه چهارم تا طبقه اول خانه میشود.

In an old and dank four-story building, which needs to be repaired and is located in the suburb, four families live. The representative of the building, Abbas, lives in the first floor and aims to evict the tenants; thereby, he seeks to take the building under his own control with the help of a real estate agency. The tenants have received the notice to vacate the house, yet it is not possible for them to fulfill it. With the help of another real estate agency, the tenants find out that the notice to vacate is of no credit since the heir of the house is unknown. Thereafter, the tenants and Abbas are constantly debating the eviction and the repairing of the building. Even some construction workers are brought to the building, but they cannot get the job done due to many conflicts there. Finally, the worn-out texture of the building becomes more evident than ever by the water flowing from the fourth floor to the first one and drowning the entire building.