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Domrol - دمرل


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Domrol - دمرل

Domrol - دمرل
User Rating

Domrol is a young and strong guy. He wins the title of “the champion of champions” after defeating all the other athletes. After a while though, he starts missing real fights and the fact that he has no opponents to fight anymore saddens him. As a result, he starts hurting people in order to satisfy his need for quarrel. He later finds a proper opponent, but he dies of a bee sting. This enrages Domrol no end, and he starts cussing at God. At that moment, the angel of death appears before him and informs him that should he fail to find a volunteer who would be willing to die for him before the sunrise, his own life will be taken. Domrol begs his parents, but they refuse to do such a sacrifice. Finally his wife accepts to surrender to the angel of death instead of Domrol, but after God sees their pure love, he forgives them.


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