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Jomeh - Jom'eh - جمعه

Jomeh - Jom'eh - جمعه

Jomeh - Jom'eh - جمعه

Jom'e is an Afghan youth who works in a ranch in a rustic and remote area. He goes to another village each morning, along with the husbandman, Agha Mahmad, in order to buy some milk. Unlike his leader and his colleague, Habib, who's also an Afghanistan migrant. Jom'e is so vivacious that he is not impressed by other's treating him as a stranger. Jom'e treats the villagers kindly despite their bad behavior towards him. Children throw stones at him and adults curse him, but Jom'e behaves them perfectly. Jom'e goes to Haj Abbas' shop everyday where his daughter, Setareh, runs most of the time. Jom'e who is interested in Serateh, asks Agha Mahmood to propose for him. But the next day, when Agha Mahmoud was supposed to sue Setareh for Jom'e, he comes to the ranch with a young worker. The newly arrived young man has taken Jom'e's place as an assistant. Thus Jom'e must leave the ranch...

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