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Concert on Water - Konsert Rooye Aab - کنسرت روی آب


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Concert on Water - Konsert Rooye Aab - کنسرت روی آب

Concert on Water - Konsert Rooye Aab - کنسرت روی آب

Hedayat Hashemi is the owner of a Taxi service agency and is a prominent and rich person whose wife Monir is trying to get him to marry again but is not saying why. Hedayat is however not happy about this and does not want to do this. Hedayat has only one dream and that is to sing. Hedayat and Monir have three daughters called, Mina who is looking for a husband, Marzieh who wants to marry a songwriter and singer named Arash, and Maryam who is supposed to marry her father’s steward. Habib is a retired ship captain and veteran brother of Hedayat who lost his family in the January 5th incident. Habib has some ideas and wants to hold a concert on a ship in the Persian Gulf in memory of the martyrs of the January 5th, and has asked for the help of his old friends. He has written national-heroic poetry for the concert and needs a songwriter. With the arrival of Arash’s Family to ask permission for marriage, everything is prepared; they now have a songwriter and a studio. On the other hand, Hedayat who has come to like Arash’s only sister gives his permission for the marriage of Arash and Marzieh. Hamed in order to get Hedayat’s concent for his marriage to Maryam, tries to find a husband for her older sister Mina. For this reason, he sends his friend Reza to meet Mina but because Reza is naïve and clumsy, everything goes wrong and…


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