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Cloudy House - Khaneye Abri - خانه ابری


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Cloudy House - Khaneye Abri - خانه ابری

Cloudy House - Khaneye Abri - خانه ابری

For years, the woman is the only person responsible for her three children. By working all day long, she tries to provide a proper and healthy life for her children. She wants to get her older daughter married and is trying to provide the dowry when suddenly her husband returns. All the family members are asking questions regarding his four-year absence, but he tries to justify himself. In order to keep the family safe, and due to the children's love for their father, the woman accepts to live with him again despite all the difficulties he makes due to his addiction hoping that someday he will recover and may be a good father for his children. The man makes a disturbance another time and the woman resists with all her power to keep the family safe. But this is just a starting point for the story.


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