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Born in 87 - Motavalede 65 - متولد ۶۵

Born in 87 - Motavalede 65 - متولد ۶۵

Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, German and +20 more languages

Born in 87 - Motavalede 65 - متولد ۶۵

Directed by Majid Tavakkoli, this romantic drama tells the story of dreams and ambitions for a generation of young Iranians who often find those things difficult to come by. In this unique take on a familiar theme, a young couple assume the role of a much wealthier couple in order to spend their days with Tehran’s nouveau riche. The adventure begins with playful games that take the audience on a comic ride but it ends in horror when the young couple find themselves locked up in an apartment, facing a case of mistaken identities. At once twisted, unpredictable, funny and thrilling, Tavakkoli’s film is a masterful, beautifully acted, cleverly composed exercise in building suspense.

A young boy and girl like to experience the life of the wealthy. They are playing a game that they consider harmless and just do it to joke with people. They pretend to be a wealthy young couple and are looking for an expensive home to live in. With the guidance of a realtor, the young couple enter a noble’s home at the wealthy part of the city and a middle-aged couple show them the house. Meanwhile, an unexpected skepticism happens that changes everyone’s places and the young couple feel that everything has become serious and even dangerous.