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Birth Of A Butterfly - Tavalode Yek Parvaneh - تولد یک پروانه

Birth Of A Butterfly - Tavalode Yek Parvaneh - تولد یک پروانه

Birth Of A Butterfly - Tavalode Yek Parvaneh - تولد یک پروانه

'Birth of a Butterfly' is made up of three short dramatic episodes shot in the mountains of North-Western Iran. In an area with a deep connection to the natural world, the characters in each of the parables have their faith tested by the challenges ahead of them. Two children struggle with the burden of responsibility as their father blames them for their mother's illness, an old man and a boy journey to a miraculous spring that is said to cure all ills, and a visiting teacher is hailed as a prophet after his advice yields beneficial results to a remote mountain community. These episodes interweave themes of faith, companionship and the survival spirit, and are directed with aplomb by Mojtaba Raei.

The First Episode: Birth
Ibish and Solmaz are happy as children and the only concern they have in their lives is their stepfather. Ibish decides to protest and not obey him.

The Second Episode: The Path
Mandani goes on pilgrimage with a group of people. Every single one of them has a demand from God, the only one with no demands however, is Mandani.

The Third Episode: The Butterfly
A teacher does not want to pursue his superficial way of living so he leaves his life of comfort and moves to a distant village in order to help. Then an incident occurs and a new way of thinking about life awakens within him.

فصل اول؛ تولد- ایبیش وسولماز در دنیای کودکانه خویش، تنها دغدغه ای که دارند، حضور ناپدریشان است، در این بین ایبیش که از دنیای کودکانه پای بیرون نهاده، از ناپدری تمکین نمیکند.
فصل دوم؛ راه - ماندنی به همراه جمعی راهی زیارت می شوند، زائران، هریک از خدا خواسته ای دارد و تنها کسی که برای خودش چیزی نمی خواهد، ماندنی است.
فصل سوم؛ پروانه - معلمی که نمیخواهد اسیر ظواهر باشد، زندگی مرفه اش را رها کرده و برای خدمت به روستای دورافتاده ای میرود، در اینجا اتفاقی رخ میدهد، این رویداد سبب میشود تا معلم به درک تازه ای از زندگی دست پیدا کند.