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Bardou - Ou Khoob Sang Mizanad - او خوب سنگ میزند


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Bardou - Ou Khoob Sang Mizanad - او خوب سنگ میزند

Bardou - Ou Khoob Sang Mizanad - او خوب سنگ میزند
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Bardou is a 16-year-old teenager who has recently lost his father. Living in arid lands along with his sick mother and his younger brother, he tries to convince his mother to leave their home and move to a village where she'll have better medical care. But to do this the family must get back the money his father had lent to his friend Nasir, who lives on the other side of the desert. The young Bardou begins an epic journey into an inhospitable world, in a story of familial love and determination in the face of adversity.

داستان نوجوانی است به نام بردو که پدر خود را از دست داده و به همراه برادر ومادر خود زندگی میکنند. بردو بخاطر اینکه بتواند زندگی خود را سرو سامان دهد راهی سفری میشود که طلب پدر خودرا پس بگیرد که در میانه راه در گیر اتفاقاتی ناخواسته می شود.


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