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Alzheimer's - Alzaymer - آلزایمر

Alzheimer's - Alzaymer - آلزایمر

Asieh has put an advertisement in the newspaper every year since losing her husband, begging for information on his whereabouts. Her relatives however have all but given him up as lost, and to gain some closure hold a funeral ceremony for him. But when a man who resembles Asieh's missing husband shows up claiming to be him, none of the family are quite sure who to believe...

این داستانی است درباره‌ی روابط انسانی که در مرکز آن یک مرد قرار دارد. این مرد فراموشی گرفته. دلیل فراموشی او یک تصادف است. از این به بعد او باید دنیای دیگری را تجربه کند.

Twenty years after losing her husband in an accident and confronting his burnt body, a woman still cannot believe the loss. While the family holds annual memorandum for the dead husband, she still prints “Desperately Seeking…” ads in the papers. But everything changes, when someone comes along after twenty years and…