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Accusation - Az Ma Behtaroon - ازما بهترون


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Accusation - Az Ma Behtaroon - ازما بهترون

Accusation - Az Ma Behtaroon - ازما بهترون

In this satirical comedy, which pokes fun at the oppressive treatment of journalists in Iran, Ehsan is an endlessly down-on-his-luck journalist struggling with a messy divorce. So even when he finds success writing an article about superstitious beliefs amongst the urban middle classes, his new found popularity turns out to be a burden. His work is misinterpreted by the authorities, who attempt to imprison him for fraud! Aided by the quirky and flirtatious Nasim, he sets out on a desperate bid to save himself, uncovering a web of shadowy conspirators as he goes. But with his superstitious ex-wife at the centre of the conspiracy, can Ehsan clear his name?

احسان روزنامه نگاری است که به خاطر گزارشهای جنجالی اش درباره دعا نویسی و رمالی دچار دردسرهای عجیب و غریبی می شود. دختر همسایه که به شغل روزنامه نگاری علاقه مند است ، در این دردسرها با احسان همراه می شود ، تا اینکه …

The movie is about a reporter who works on social subjects and is making a reportage on divination. This causes some severe reactions upon himself.

اين فيلم قصه خبرنگاري است كه در سرويس اجتماعي كار مي‌كند و درباره موضوع فالگيري و رمالي گزارش تهيه مي‌كند كه اين باعث مي‌شود با واكنش‌هايي روبرو شود.