Sister - Abji - آبجی‌


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Sister - Abji - آبجی‌

Sister - Abji - آبجی‌

Tala and Ati (Sis) are a mother and daughter who have lived together for many years; almost 50 years, as long as the life of Sis. Their situation, however, does not last long, and the days of separation arrive. The separation happens when Sis depends heavily on her mother due to her special conditions, and Tala is trying to provide security for Atiâ's future in the remaining time; a future without her presence.

طلا و عطی (آبجی)، مادر و دختری هستند که سالیلن سال است کنار هم زندگی میکنند؛ سالهایی به درازای زندگی آبجی یعنی حدود 50سال، اما این وضعیت پایدار نیست و روزهای جدایی از راه میرسند، این جدایی در حالی اتفاق میافتد که «آبجی» به دلیل شرایط ویژه ای که دارد بسیار وابسته به مادر است و «طلا» در زمان باقی مانده به دنبال امنیتی برای آینده (آبجی ) است. آینده ای بدون حضور خودش.

The film tells the story of Tala and Ata (Sister) who are a mother and daughter that live together for many years; years as long as Sister’s age which is fifty. But this situation is not permanent and the days of separation arrives. This separation happens when Sister, who is so close to the mother because of her special condition, and Tala try to set up a secure future for Sister, a future without her.


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