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Pooyan Shahrokhi ( پویان شاهرخی )


Pooyan Shahrokhi ( پویان شاهرخی )

Director | Producer | Writer | Costume Designer | Set Designer

Pouyan Shahrokhi ( پویان شاهرخی ) was born in 1976 in Tehran, Iran. He has a Master of Arts in Editing Major, Bagh Ferdows Film Production Education center, 2001 and also holds the Bachelor of Arts in Cinema- Major: Movie Director Sooreh Tehran University as well as Bachelor of Arts in Photography Paris Photography School (speos). He has been the Script writer and director of movies: Alley, Pallbearer, Loop, In the Warp and Whoop of Love, Whirligig with no wind, Metamorphosis, The Tree without Land, Delete. His Documentary movies are such as: Continuity, My Share, Lian Documentary Series, Mirage Documentary Series, Documentary seri Read More.. es of This is Iran, Che Guevara, Narration of an Artist, Goodbye Ernesto, Industrial Documentary Film: Wood and Paper, Rubbery and Swing. He's responsibilities are listed as: 1- Associated member of Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association (Khane Cinema),2- Manager of Moaj Now Filmmaking Institute,3- Member of board of directors of Studio Khane,4- Member of Central Council of Young Arts Association,6- President of Dubai Short Film Festival in Untied Arab Emirate.7- Manager of Production Unit of Iranian Arts Cooperative Co. , 8- Member of board of directors of Wave Studio (France) , 9- President of First Avangard Cinema Festival- Kish Island. Coffee After Friday Prayer is a Documentary he has produced.


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Pooyan Shahrokhi ( پویان شاهرخی )