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Pooyan Bagherzade ( پویان باقرزاده )


Pooyan Bagherzade ( پویان باقرزاده )

Director | Producer | Writer

Born in 1987 in Tehran, Pooyan Bagherzadeh ( پویان باقرزاده ) holds a BA in Architecture from Armenia’s Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction and an MA degree in Conceptual interior design from The University of Brighton in England. Before his first feature movie, Bagherzadeh directed a few short films (“ GOOD MORNING GUYS” , “RELATIONSHIP” and “DAYS”) and a documentary. He is also a member of Hamid Pourazari’s theater group,“PAPATIHA”. He worked with Pourazari in two of his performances,“SAL SANIYE” and “UNFINISHED DREAM”. Bagherzadeh designed and created some installationand perfo Read More.. rmances in Brighton’s Museum of Art and History.