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Khosrow Sinai (خسرو سینایی)


Khosrow Sinai (خسرو سینایی)

Director | Producer | Editor | Writer | Sound | Music

Born: January 19th 1941 in Sari, Iran

Khosrow Sinai (خسرو سینایی) is an Iranian filmmaker, born 19th January 1941 in Sari, Iran. He studied artchitecture for four years at the Vienna University of Technology in Austria and then studied music composition for a further three years at the Vienna Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts; where he graduated in Music Education with high honours from the Vienna Music Conservatory. Khosrow Sinai graduated from the Vienna Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts as a cinema and television director major and a screen writing minor. After his study he returned to Iran in 1967 and worked in Ministry of Culture and Arts to 1972, he then worked Read More.. as an instructor in documentary and screen play writing across various universities until 1992. Khosrow Sinai worked in various National Iranian Television (now called Seda o Sima) working various roles as a filmmaker creating about 100 short films in his avant-garde in his unique style of documentary dramatisations. He also was a junior at various film festivals. He is best known for domestic drama 'Bride of Fire "Arous-e atash"' (2000) which won him the Don Quijote Award by Special Mentionand and a nomination for a Crystal Globe by the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and many more. His other works include 'In the Alleys of Love' (1991) presented at the Kind of View’ section of Cannes Film Festival, 'The Inner Beast' sceened at the 2nd Fajr Festival winning Khosrow Sinai best director and photography. Khosrow Sinai is the first to win an international award prior the Islamic Revelution in Iran. He is also a translator, one of his works, the German 'My Journey and Adventures in Iran' (1863), by Armin Vambery. The Iranian scholar was awarded the prestigious Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland.


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Khosrow Sinai (خسرو سینایی)


Khosrow Sinai (خسرو سینایی)

Director | Producer | Editor | Writer | Sound | Music