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Anahita Hemati ( آناهیتا همتی‎ )


Anahita Hemati ( آناهیتا همتی‎ )

Director | Actor

Born: July 23rd 1973 in Tehran, Iran

Anahita Hemmati ( آناهیتا همتی‎ ) was born in Tehran. After finishing high school she began taking theater acting classes and her first serious role was in Tanboor Players (1993). Hemmati had a part in the movie Legend of the Golden Dandelion which was never screened. Her first film to hit the silver screen was the 2000 production Love is Not Enough. Her acting skills have made her one of the small screen favorites and her most memorable performance was in the drama Vagabond.


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Anahita Hemati ( آناهیتا همتی‎ )