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Ziba and I - Man va Ziba - من و زیبا

Ziba and I - Man va Ziba - من و زیبا

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

Ziba and I - Man va Ziba - من و زیبا

Although Mousa is an outcast in his village, he holds the important community position of caring for a sacred horse that is at the centre of an annual ritual. When Mousa starts suffering from a recurring dream in which he dies every night, his son consults the village imam and council of elders to help save him from his torment. Although they refuse, Mousa begins to find comfort in a young village girl named Ziba. As the time of the ceremony approaches, the two strike up a touching relationship that will change them both and lead towards a climax which affects the whole village.

در شبی سرد و بارانی، پیش از آنكه موسی به خانه برسد، همسرش راحله بر اثر درد زایمان جان می سپارد. موسی در تمام عمر فكر می كند كه باعث مرگ راحله شده است. او تمام وجود و عشق خود را پای جعفر، تنها یادگار راحله می ریزد.

In a cold rainy night, after Moses reaches home, his wife Raheleh dies during giving birth to her child. Moses blames himself and seeks compensation.