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Zabih - Zabeeh - ذبیح


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Zabih - Zabeeh - ذبیح

Zabih - Zabeeh - ذبیح

After being released from prison, Zabih goes back to his hometown to rebound with his wife, who was pregnant during his arrestment, and his recently born child. She's remarried and her husband prevents seeing Zabih. In a tragic ending, Zabih is killed by the hands of his real son and her husband...

" ذبیح" پس از سالها از زندان آزاد شده و به زادگاهش باز میگردد تا معشوقه اش را که به هنگام زندانی شدنش از او حامله بوده بیابد. معشوقه ذبیح ازدواج کرده و شوهرش مانع این شناسایی میگردد. سرانجام پسر واقعی ذبیح با کمک پدر خوانده اش پدر خود را می کشد.


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