Wound - Kozmak - کوزمک

Wound - Kozmak - کوزمک

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Wound - Kozmak - کوزمک

Wound - Kozmak - کوزمک
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This excellently-shot, touching drama tells the story of an unlikely friendship that occurs between two outcasts from different generations. The elderly captain Ali remains living defiantly on his vessel, despite the lake it resides on having been drained years ago. Then one day he encounters a young runaway named Artan, who seeks escape from a troubled home life. Realising the boy's father is a drunken bully, Ali decides to harbour the young misfit. The pair form a close bond, and together they revamp the boat, and in the process help each other heal old wounds.

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Alireza Salmanpour, Younes Tarrahi
Ahad Pasbantoos, Arman Asadollahi, Nasrin Moradi, Abbas Zare Seresht, Naser Agigi
Younes Tarrahi
Make up
Reza Fallahian
Costume Designer
Mohsen Bijhan Pour
Jalal Sham Souzan