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Women Are Incredible - Zanha Shegeft Angizand - زن‌ها شگفت انگیزند

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Women Are Incredible - Zanha Shegeft Angizand - زن‌ها شگفت انگیزند

Women Are Incredible - Zanha Shegeft Angizand - زن‌ها شگفت انگیزند

After the legalisation of polygamy in Iran, things come to a head for Ardalan when he is involved in an unfortunate car accident. Injured in the crash, the secret of Ardalan's multiple marriages is suddenly unearthed, as his many wives vie for his attention. All from different backgrounds and with varying situations at home, the three women react very differently to the news, and as the inevitable comic clash reaches its height, Ardalan finds himself pulled in literally three different directions. Can he reconcile with the women before he is washed away by an encroaching sea of debt and bitter spouses?

Afshin is a lustful man who is injured in a car accident and is taken to the hospital. Police contact his wife, Dr. Nahid, and tells her about the accident. When Nahid reaches the hospital, she finds out that Afshin had two other wives; they also discover this. Sharareh is his youngest wife and had been married to Afshin for two months, and Khaton is a rich woman who is his wife and also older than him by several years. Aside from bickering with each other, they also squabble and fight over how to punish Afshin till one day the hospital security contacts them and informs them that Afshin has been kidnapped. Captain Ahmadi enters the story, so that he can investigate this kidnapping. The initial conflict between these three women and their discussion on how to punish Afshin has created this suspicion that one of the three women are responsible for this kidnapping. Each has a reason to be accused of this crime: Nahid because she has a criminal brother who has just been released from the prison, Sharareh because she belongs to unsuitable social environments (seems like she was a runaway and a streetwalker), and Khaton because of the deep grudge she has toward Afshin. As the investigation continues, the cops find a burned car with an unidentifiable body in one of the northern roads of the country. Now, these three women are accused of kidnapping besides murder and…