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With Others - Ba Digaran - با دیگران

With Others - Ba Digaran - با دیگران

Arezoo and Amir-Hossein are a couple very much in love. Desperate to have children, but unable to conceive, they persuade one of Arezoo's colleagues, Tahereh, to act as a surrogate. Tahereh's own circumstances are less than desirable; a mother herself, she currently lives with her uncle, as she has no place of her own. Her husband is in prison and Tahereh makes ends meet working as a cleaner. Moved by the couple's request, Tahereh accepts the role of surrogate knowing that the money she will receive will help pay for a place of her own. Complications arise however when her husband is released from prison early and discovers the pregnancy in this powerful, introspective drama.

با دیگران داستان کارمندی قطاری به نام امیر حسین است. او به همراه همسرش آرزو نمی توانند صاحب فرزند شوند. از طرفی مادر امیرحسین از او می خواهد که با زن دیگری ازدواج کند، اما امیرحسین راضی نمی شود و ...

Arezoo has lost her hope to have children because of repeated abortion and her life with Amirhossein is in a critical situation. Maryam is her friend and coworker that with a selfless act shows a new path to the young couple, but the release of Yaghob, the ex-husband of Tahereh from prison, makes things complicated.