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The Willow Tree - Bide Majnoon - بید مجنون

The Willow Tree - Bide Majnoon - بید مجنون

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

The Willow Tree - Bide Majnoon - بید مجنون
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What if a man blind since birth was suddenly given the gift of sight? This is the central premise of this beautiful, gripping drama from Majid Majidi. When the middle aged Youssef, a blind university professor, is given the chance to undergo major eye surgery in France, he finds his prayers answered. Leaving behind his loving wife and daughter, he finds a new lease of life in his new visual world. However, will he lose sight of what is important? A hauntingly beautiful, poignant piece of work.

یوسف 45 ساله استاد دانشگاه در رشته ادبیات است. او بعد از سال ها نابینایی بعد از عمل جراحی بینایی خود را بدست می آورد. ولی با دیدن زرق و برق دنیا زندگی جدیدش با مشکلاتی مواجه می شود.


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