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Weeds - Alafhaye Harz - علف‌های هرز


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Weeds - Alafhaye Harz - علف‌های هرز

Weeds - Alafhaye Harz - علف‌های هرز

Lieutenant Farid Kazemi, the agent of the police station, is seeking to find the motivations of the murderer of an old acquaintance named Ferydoon Maleki. Ali Maleki reveales some facts about a criminal group in a letter he has left. Maghrebi, a professional criminal assassin gains access to Ali Maleki's letter and when his actions result in vain, the head of the criminals employs a criminal called Richard Anderson, nicknamed the Hunter. The Hunter, along with Maghrebi, disguise and try to explode a bomb on the way of some authorities who are about to visit Isfahan, which is, of course, a deviant move. Then they embed the explosives just below the conference hall in order to destroy every evidence pointing to the group's crimes, but their plans are destroyed by Lieutenant Farid Kazemi and his colleagues.


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