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We Have a Guest - Mehman Darim - میهمان داریم

We Have a Guest - Mehman Darim - میهمان داریم

Subtitles: English, Arabic, Turkish and +20 more languages

We Have a Guest - Mehman Darim - میهمان داریم

An old couple decide to bring home their war veteran son from care but he doesn't want to be home and certain truths are revealed that surprises the family...

ابراهیم و فخری در خانه ای قدیمی زندگی می کنند و سه فرزندشان شهید شده و فرزند چهارم رضا جانباز قطع نخاعی است و در آسایشگاه نگهداری می شود. ابراهیم و فخری تصمیم می گیرند که رضا را به خانه بیاورند و ...

Ibrahim and Fakhri live in an old house and three of their children have died in a war and their fourth, Reza, is a paralyzed veteran who lives in a hospice under care. Reza becomes angry and rude after the death of his veteran friend Kamal and is no longer taking his medicine. Because of this, his parents decide to bring him home and take care of him. Mahbobeh, Kamal’s sister comes to their house and is willing to marry Reza based on their previous commitment but Reza rejects her. Reza is insistent that he must die and his action causes Ibrahim to slap him one time. One night it seems like they all are affected by gas; the three dead children return to the house. Mahbobeh’s family are supposed to come to their house but Fakhri wants to put it off because of the oldness and broken down condition of the house. But Ibrahim is against it. The return of their dead children brings happiness and calmness to the house and even Reza is calm and he now takes his medicine. The day is Mid-Sha'ban and we hear the voice of Haj Ibrahim who tells of his children’s death to his unseen guests.