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Water Wind Dust - Aab Baad Khak - آب باد خاک

Water Wind Dust - Aab Baad Khak - آب باد خاک

Water Wind Dust - Aab Baad Khak - آب باد خاک

When a young boy returns to his village, two years after leaving to look for work, he finds it has been hit by a severe drought and that the entire community, including his family, has left the area with the exception of one old man. When the old man informs the boy that all those who could afford to leave had moved on, he sets on a mission to find them across a desolate wasteland and in high winds. Filled with beautiful shots of Iran's most desolate landscapes Water, Wind, Dust is the story of a boy's determination to find his family, as he strives to survive in a hostile waterless environment.

The movie tells the story of a boy who is seeking his parents during a large-scale drought. In a situation which all the residents have preferred to leave the region instead of staying and watching the conditions, he tries to stay there and reach his goal. But at the end, he is disappointed finding his parents and joins the fatalities of thirst in a symbolic manner.

داستان پسرچه ای است که زمان خشکسالی و بی آبی مفرط در یکی از مناطق جنوبی ایران به دنبال یافتن پدر و مادر خویش می رود. در شرایطی که همگی اهالی منطقه کوچ را بر نشست و نظاره کردنترجیح داده اند او با انگیزه ای که دارد تلاش میکند باقی بماند تا شاید به مقصودش دست یابد. اما در انتها پس از آنکه از یافتن پدر و مادرش مایوس می شود، در فصل پایانی فیلم خود به گونه ای نمادین به گروه تلف شدگان از تشنگی می پیوندد.