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Water and Fire - Ab Va Atash - آب و آتش

Water and Fire - Ab Va Atash - آب و آتش

Water and Fire - Ab Va Atash - آب و آتش
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Ali Mashreghi, who is a writer, goes through a serious fight with his wife and leaves the house. He accidentally meets a woman called Maryam and defends her against men who are disturbing her. Going to Maryam's apartment will set off a chain of consequences for both of them which will be difficult solve. A tense crime drama that's worth watching.

علی، بعد از جر و بحث با مهرانگیز همسرش، از منزل خارج شده و در خیابان ها پرسه می زند. اتفاقی زنی به نام مریم را می بیند و می خواهد در مقابل مردانی که دنبال او هستند از مریم حمایت کند.


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