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Walnut - Gerdoo - گردو


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Walnut - Gerdoo - گردو

Walnut - Gerdoo - گردو

The relationship of Soheil’s parents is not going well and his mother is trying to prepare Soheil for separation from his father. Watching the lunar eclipse is an excuse for the mother to take him to her motherhood's village. In the village, Soheil gets acquainted with Vali, and he is forced by him to steal some walnuts in their neighborhood. Eating fresh walnuts makes his hands black and he feels this is because of the guilt of stealing walnuts.

«گردو» داستان کودکی است که بابت گناهی که مرتکب شده احساس می کند دست هایش در حال سیاه شدن است و این موضوع همزمان با اختلاف پدر و مادرش و جدایی آنهاست. او در سفر به روستایی دورافتاده در کویر همراه با مادرش به بهانه تماشای خسوف وارد چالش پذیرفتن و باور این دو موضوع گناه و جدایی می شود.


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