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Voice of Endearment - Sedaye Sokhane Eshgh - صدای سخن عشق


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Voice of Endearment - Sedaye Sokhane Eshgh - صدای سخن عشق

Voice of Endearment - Sedaye Sokhane Eshgh - صدای سخن عشق

Elham, the student of sociology, is doing some research regarding her thesis about social issues while she meets Jamshid who is trying to steal her car. Jamshid is the son of a successful manufacturer called Khashayar Lotfi who has driven Jamshid away years ago. Like his son, Khashayar also has a turbulent life. He knows nothing about his older son and the younger son is hospitalized due to an assassination. The younger son called Arman is from his second wife from Netherlands. Due to a plot by his rival Esfandiar, Arman is beaten and hospitalized. Khashayar calls police regarding the problem and also he asks for help from Jamshid to find the criminals. Jamshid denies at first but Elham convinces him to investigate the case and he finds some clues after lots of endeavors. At the same time, the men working for Esfandiar, make his sanitary products polluted to disrepute him and they also call the Department of Health. This leads to a warning for Esfandiar's factory. Eventually, Jamshid succeeds to gain the documents against Esfandiar but at his last chances, Esfandiar beats Khashayar but Jamshid arrives and goes into a struggle with them. Elham interferes and police also comes so the criminals are arrested. After years, Khashayar gives a hug to his son Jamshid.


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