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Viva - Zendeh Bad - زنده باد

Viva - Zendeh Bad - زنده باد

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Viva - Zendeh Bad - زنده باد

Amidst the turmoil of Tehran in 1978, engineer Mahmud only wants to provide security for his family. He is determined to ignore the fighting taking place on the streets outside and shelter the ones he loves from the violence. But when his wife takes in a young revolutionary escaping from the police, providing refuge for the man forces his family headlong into the world he wants to protect them from. Mahmud can no longer ignore the revolution, but can he find a way to keep his wife and children safe?

The days before the revolution and during a demonstration, a young man hides in a house after a struggle with the government forces. The father of the family is not so optimistic to the events but his point of view changes gradually by seeing the young man. The family members become familiar with the young man and when a security officer enters their house, the father opposes him. The young injured man is forced to leave the house but he is shot by the security forces and is dead.. The father leaves the house in rage but he is also killed in the same way.

روزهای قبل از انقلاب، جوانی در جریان تظاهرات ، به دنبال درگیری با مامورین به خانه ای پناه می برد. با حضور این جوان رفته رفته نقطه نظرهای پدر خانواده که در ابتدا چندان به وقایع خوشبین نیست تغییر می کند و به تدریج اعضا خانواده، با میهمان پناه آورده آشنا می شوند و به دنبال ورود مامور امنیتی به خانه و تضییقاتی که فراهم می آورند پدر خانواده عملا" وارد مبارزه شده و در پایان جوان که ناچار به خروج از منزل است با گلوله مامورین مراقب کشته می شود و پدر خانواده خشمگین و فریاد زنان از منزل خارج می شود که دچار همان سرنوشت شده و هر دو کشته می شوند.