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Utopia - Arman Shahr - آرمان شهر


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Utopia - Arman Shahr - آرمان شهر

Utopia - Arman Shahr - آرمان شهر

Janan, a woman from Afghanistan, travels to the UK for artificial insemination. Cultural, religious, and moral complications explode when William, a medical sciences student working in the clinic, switches the donor's semen for his own.

زنی است که در آستانه 42 سالگی می خواهد مادر شود و به رغم تمام مسایل اجتماعی،اعتقادی و خانوادگی برای خواسته اش تلاش می کند.

The film is about a 42-years-old woman who wants to become a mother and tries to reach her goal against social, belief and familial issues.


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