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Until Sunset - Ta Ghoroub - تا غروب

Until Sunset - Ta Ghoroub - تا غروب

Until Sunset - Ta Ghoroub - تا غروب

Zabih is an ill-tempered man who lives in a village with his wife. He usually solves family problems with the mayor's help. Zabih is promised he can have as much land as he can mark off from sunrise until sunset. He works hard on this but at the end of the day he falls off a hill and dies from exhaustion. Based on the 1886 story "How Much Land Does a Man Need?" by Leo Tolstoy.

The villagers let a stranger to choose a piece of land in order to provide for his life. He should choose from 1 o'clock in the morning until the sunset. Before the sunrise, he calls the villagers to gather over a hill. According to the writing he has, he is going to draw a line around all the gardens and farms from morning to evening so he owns what will remain in the circle. Young men opposes him and the elderly warn him but to no avail, and he starts his job.

به مردی غریبه، در روستا، اهالی اجازه می دهند که قطعه زمینی را برای امرار معاش خویش انتخاب کند. فرصتی که او دارد از یک صبح تا غروب است. پیش از طلوع آفتاب غریبه اهالی را به فراز تپه ای میخواند و بنا به قول و قرار و دست نوشته ای که گرفته، میخواهد از صبح تا غروب دور آبادی و مزارع و باغ ها خط بکشد و آنچه را میان دایره می ماند از ان او گردد. کار آغاز می شود و مخالفت جوان ترها و پندهای پیرترها اثری در او ندارد. مرد خسته و مانده آبادی را دور زده و هنگام غروب فاصله دایره را تقریباً طی می کند و از پای در می آید. فاصله دو سر دایره را نعشش پر میکند.