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Unripe Pomegranates - Anarhaye Naras - انارهای نارس


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Unripe Pomegranates - Anarhaye Naras - انارهای نارس

Unripe Pomegranates - Anarhaye Naras - انارهای نارس

A Tehran couple expecting a baby live a suburban lifestyle that is far from glamorous. Both are stuck in dead-end jobs with no real prospects and no end in sight. Despite their precarious existence, the young couple still strive to be happy. However, fate deals them a critical blow forcing them to adapt to new lives while still preparing for their future. Gripping drama examining happiness in the face of adversity.

ذبیح و انسی در خانه ای اجاره ای در حاشیه شهر زندگی می کنند. انسی از زنی سالخورده نگهداری می کند و ذبیح کارگر ساختمان است. ذبیح به هنگام جوشکاری در بالای ساختمان دچار حادثه می شود و بعد از آن زندگی آنها با چالشی مواجه می گردد.

Ensi and Zabih live in the suburb in a rented house. Ensi is the nurse of an old woman and Zabih works in the north of Tehran as a worker. They wish to have children.