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Ungrateful - Nasepas - ناسپاس

Ungrateful - Nasepas - ناسپاس

Subtitles: English, Arabic and +20 more languages

Ungrateful - Nasepas - ناسپاس

'Ungrateful' is a romantic drama that takes place at the time of Moses and charts the stories, alliances and feuds between a number of Jewish tribes. Among other stories and subplots, 'Nasepas' tells the story of two Jewish cousins, Ameel and Ashel, who both want to marry Anael...

قبیله ای از یهودیان آماده می شوند تا یکی از دو پسر عمو به نام های عامیل و آشل با دختر زیباروی قبیله آنائل ازدواج کند اما یک قتل رخ می دهد و همه چیز را به هم می ریزد

َA young man was murdered and there was a dispute about the murderer among the Israelites. Each tribe was blaming the other and there was apprehension about a great fight, so they came to Moses. He appealed to the grace of God and solved the issue in a manner that was acceptable to all. He said that they had to slaughter a heifer, but this was not done easily.
The Israelites started asking for details about the cow repeatedly from Moses and asked him some meaningless questions to delay matters. Eventually, they sacrificed a cow that had some specialties. A piece of its meat was kept on the dead person, and by the order of God, he returned to life for a few moments and identified his murderer.