Two Women - Do Zan - دو زن

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Two Women - Do Zan - دو زن

Two Women - Do Zan - دو زن
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'Two Women' tells the story of two friends who bonded over similar ambitions when the met at college, ended up living two very different lives. The film first introduces us to Roya, a strong, confident and carefree woman with a loving husband who is also her business partner. Out-of-the-blue, she is contacted by her old friend, Fereshteh, whose husband is in the hospital and to whom life hasn't been so kind. Through a series of flashbacks, we witness their friendship and how Fereshteh slowly had her dreams tarnished by the men around her. Now that the two are reunited, will Roya possibly be able to help her friend get back the hope she has lost?


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