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Two Women - Do Zan - دو زن

Two Women - Do Zan - دو زن

Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, German, Punjabi, Turkish and +20 more languages

Two Women - Do Zan - دو زن

'Two Women' tells the story of two friends who bonded over similar ambitions when the met at college, ended up living two very different lives. The film first introduces us to Roya, a strong, confident and carefree woman with a loving husband who is also her business partner. Out-of-the-blue, she is contacted by her old friend, Fereshteh, whose husband is in the hospital and to whom life hasn't been so kind. Through a series of flashbacks, we witness their friendship and how Fereshteh slowly had her dreams tarnished by the men around her. Now that the two are reunited, will Roya possibly be able to help her friend get back the hope she has lost?

When Fereshteh calls Roya and asks for financial help for her husband Ahmed, who is admitted to the hospital, Roya who is an architect quickly heads towards the hospital from her office, a construction engineering company. On her way, she goes through the past fifteen years of her friendship days with Fereshteh and their college days together ... Fereshteh and Roya are close friends and colleagues at the Faculty of Architecture who, for various reasons, including a student demonstration in the spring of 1980 as well as the harassments of a young guy named Hassan who introduces himself as Fereshteh’s lover, fall apart from each other. Fereshteh returns to her hometown Isfahan, and a while after that, universities shut down for an undetermined period and Fereshteh can’t continue her education anymore. Fifteen years have passed since those events and now Fereshteh is standing in front of Roya, and Fereshteh, standing face to face with her old friend, goes over the events that happened to her in the past fifteen years: The days when Hassan, who was chasing her in Isfahan, got in a car accident and killed a child and was sentenced to thirteen years in jail; those days when she married one of her suitors named Ahmad, hoping her husband would keep his promise and not prevent her for continuing her education, but that didn’t happen and thus put a difficult and tedious life in front of her…
She thought of those days when Ahmad’s abundant trust issues and pessimism caused misunderstandings and disagreements between them and it got worse day by day, and when Hassan was released from jail and started chasing after her again, the disaster got way bigger and got out of control… Hassan who hasn’t lost the smallest bit of his feelings and still madly wants Fereshteh, has to unavoidably face off with Ahmad. During the fight that happens between them, Hassan’s stabs aim at Ahmad’s heart and now Ahmad, her husband, is fighting for his life at a cardiac hospital as she and her two children want to know his situation… Roya who is extremely affected by Fereshteh’s dark and upsetting past, can’t imagine her future and the whirlpool of disaster that’s pulling her in, and at that point the hospital calls in and informs them that Ahmad has passed away. Now it’s Fereshteh who has the chance to live a new life and make decisions for her future herself. Fereshteh feels like a bird who wants to fly, even though she doesn’t have the wings to do so….

وقتی فرشته به رویا تلفن کرده و برای معالجه همسرش احمد که در بیمارستان بستری شده، از او استمداد می کند، رؤیا که یک آرشیتکت است، به سرعت از دفتر محل کارش، یک شرکت مهندسی ساختمانی، به سوی بیمارستان حرکت میکند و بین راه، پانزده سال پیش، روزهای دوستی اش با فرشته را طی روزهای دانشکده مرور می کند... فرشته و رویا دوستان صمیمی و همکلاس در دانشکده معماری هستند که به دلایل مختلف، تظاهرات دانشجویی روزهای بهار ۱۳۵۹ و همچنین مزاحمت های جوانی به نام حسن که خود را خاطرخواه فرشته میداند از هم دور می افتند... فرشته به زادگاهش اصفهان بازمیگردد و کمی بعد، دانشگاهها تا زمان نامعلومی تعطیل می شوند و دیگر فرشته موفق به ادامه تحصیلش نمی شود.... پانزده سال از آن تاریخ گذشته است و حالا فرشته در برابر رویا است و فرشته در دیدار با دوست قدیمی اش، ماجراهای زندگی اش را در پانزده سال گذشته مرور می کند... روزهایی را که حسن به دنبال او و در تعقیش در اصفهان، دچار تصادف و مرگ کودکی شد و به سیزده سال زندان محکوم گردید... روزهایی که با مردی به نام احمد که به خواستگاریش آمد، ازدواج کرد با این امید که همسرش به قولش پایبند باشد و مانع تحصیلش نشود، اما چنین نشد و به علاوه زندگی سخت و ملال آوری را پیش رویش گذاشت... به روزهایی که به دلیل بی اعتمادی و بدبینی های فراوان احمد، میان آن دو اختلاف افتاد و روز به روز به دامنه اش افزوده شد و وقتی حسن از زندان آزاد و مجدداً به تعقیب او پرداخت، فاجعه، ابعاد عمیق تری یافت... حسن که ذره ای از علاقه و خواسته اش کم نشده همچنان در پی فرشته ناگزیر در برابر احمد قرار میگیرد. در نزاعی که بین آن دو در میگیرد ضربات چاقوی حسن، قلب احمد را نشانه میرود و اینک احمد، شوهرش، در جدال با مرگ و زندگی در بیمارستان قلب بستری است در حالی که او و دو فرزندش مترصد احوالش هستند... رویا که عمیقاً تحت تأثیر سرنوشت تلخ و غم انگیز فرشته قرار گرفته، نمی تواند آینده او و گردابی که دوستش در آن دست و پا میزند، در ذهنش تصور کند، در همین زمان از بیمارستان خبر میرسد که احمد درگذشته است. حالا این فرشته است که رویاروی زندگی تازه ای قرار گرفته و اینک تنها خودش باید برای آینده اش تصمیم بگیرد، فرشته احساس پرنده ای را دارد که میخواهد پرواز کند. هرچند که بال پرواز ندارد...